Showcasing 50 incredible designers, Rooms of Distinction shares a beautiful selection of vintage, antique and contemporary furniture and art.


Interior designers are the talented aesthetes that bring life and beauty into individual homes. In celebration of their exquisite taste and vision, luxury online marketplace 1stdibs has launched Rooms of Distinction, a new book highlighting beautiful works from some of our favorite interior designers.

Rooms of Distinction showcases 50 incredible designers from 1stdibs’ Interiors collection who embody the 1stdibs sensibility and reflect the kaleidoscopic marketplace. From Organic Modern to Restrained Elegance, it comprises a range of styles from top designers and architects with their personal selections of their favorite rooms.

We hope that Interiors — and, by extension, this book — will be one more way that 1stdibs can bring people closer to the world’s most beautiful things and help them create rooms as unique as the objects we sell,” writes David Rosenblatt, CEO of 1stdibs, in the book’s forward.

Rooms of Distinction contains four sections:

  • Organic Modern: The seductively streamlined shapes and enticing earthy textures deployed in these rooms take natural materials and neutral tones in unexpected and appealing directions. Some spaces seamlessly blend indoors and out; others combine primitive with industrial, rough with smooth, hard with soft, light with dark. But in the end, all create an airy, open atmosphere that’s the farthest thing from formal or forced.
  • High Drama: These spaces turn the modernist adage “less is more” on its head, proving that, often enough, more is more — and sometimes, as Jean Cocteau once put it, a little too much is just enough. With robust schemes marked by bold color, rich textures, graphic patterns and striking artwork, the rooms gathered here revel in their tendency toward theatrics.
  • Restrained Elegance: When it comes to decorating, simple has never meant simplistic. And these days, minimalist doesn’t always mean devoid of any and all embellishment. In fact, in the rigorously restrained rooms here, a bit of ornament goes a long way. Pared-down, uncluttered and understated though they are, these spaces still make serious, and seriously serene, design statements.
  • Opulence Reimagined: An artful mix of the past and the present, Old World and New, defines the sumptuous spaces collected in these pages. Each unique in its particular juxtapositions of eras, styles and geographies, the rooms all share a swoon-worthy penchant for plush comfort, classic lines and luxurious materials.