Gone are the days where bedrooms consisted of loud, mismatched colors, oak-colored furniture, and stuffed animal infestations.

Kids’ bedroom decor has evolved greatly over the past few years. Today, kid room décor is more sophisticated and purposeful than ever before.

In order to explore some trends in Children Bedroom Decor, we spoke to Dania Farhat, the CEO of Decor For Kids — an inspirational platform for everything kids decor.

Neutral Colors


Neutral colors are not only popular in common areas of the home, but in kid spaces as well. Neutral colors are great for kids’ bedrooms because as children grow, their tastes and styles change with them. With neutral colors, a room design can be easily transformed. All you need is to switch out accents and accessories, and you have a whole new room design!

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Wallpaper has gained popularity again. It is a great way to add character, texture and interest to a space. Wallpaper prints have become softer and larger in scale. Wallpaper is now more commonly used on a focal wall and serves as inspiration for the entire room design.

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The floral trend is going strong. Floral decor used in kids’ bedrooms brings in a bright and cheery touch.

The paper flower business has boomed tremendously over the past couple of years. They are customizable and come in different variations, colors and styles. Floral wall decals are another type of floral decor. They also come in various sizes, colors and styles. This is a great way to add texture and variety to a space without being committed long term. Wall murals are used as a dramatic way to bring floral themes into a space. There are some beautiful variations available. Bold and larger floral prints are currently trending.

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Themed bedrooms  

Themed bedrooms are very much on trend and the designs have gotten much more elaborate over the years. Themed rooms are fun because this allows you to get super creative, and allows the child to have their ultimate dream space tailored to what they are passionate about!

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Personalized Wall Decor 

Personalized wall decor is all the rage these days. They come in different variations and add a personal touch to a kid’s room. There are so many cute personalized wall decor options available.

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