$53 Million Private Jet Reaches New Heights

By Stacey Staum

Photo courtesy Embraer

Photo courtesy Embraer


Renowned aerospace company Embraer exceeded expectations recently with the release of its $53 million Lineage private planes. The appeal of the Lineage lies in its unique dimensions, brilliant structural design and limitless customization options.

While the Lineage offers a whopping 4,100 cubic feet of total space, the lightweight and athletic frame allows it to access the coveted Aspen, Teterboro and London City airports, a must for any private jet.

Jay Beever, vice president of interior design for Embraer, explains, “Up until this year, we have been most popular in Europe and the Middle East, but as of this year, North American business jet buyers have been given permission, psychologically, to defect from the private jet and cross over to this new lightweight contender.”

The Lineage recently broke a record for flying from Singapore to Dubai, a 10 hour and 40 minute flight, setting a new
precedent in the industry. Long flights like these have inspired many of the unique amenities and features of the Lineage, allowing owners the ultimate in convenience and practicality while on board.

Open space is a fundamental aspect of the Lineage’s appeal. Beever explains, “In most private jets, when you come off the airstair into the lobby or vestibule, you’re greeted with a wooden wall. With the lineage, you step into an open space, which is a massive, liberated environment. The Lineage allows multiple people to be in one space socially without being on top of each other.”

In fact, one of the challenges the design team faces is not making the plane feel too big. Deciding how to break up the space and figuring out where to place each element is the most daunting aspect because these decisions cannot be changed later, as the metal and plumbing are part of the plane’s super structure.


Photo courtesy Embraer

Photo courtesy Embraer


The layout on the Lineage is unlike any other private plane, as it is divided into five unique zones. These zones can be customized to the taste of the owner, with a focus on both function and comfort in each space. Each zone can be designed as an office, business suite, dining area or even a bedroom.

Embraer offers the largest television monitor in the industry, a 42-inch display atop a custom credenza, which does not have to be stowed during takeoff and landing. The bedroom can fit a queen-sized bed, and can be designed with a walk-in closet to store luggage.

The Lineage even features a large shower with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the passing clouds. “The Lineage is an overachiever, but it’s ambidextrous at the same time. Because of its airframe and its lightweight engineered nature, we have the ability to put different sized windows on the aircraft. What that concept provided was that we were able to engineer tall vertical windows in between frames,” Beever says.

To Beever, the technology and amenities of the aircraft should provide a subtle, almost invisible, touch of elegance and convenience. “Luxury is the ability to have the digital butler without having to look at him. What that does is it allows you to be more involved with people, space and nature. This means larger windows, not larger LCD screens. Using technology to create stronger airplane structures allows you to bring bigger windows in, bring back the elegance of the journey and enjoy it more, rather than being bombarded with technology. We want to provide people with the opportunity to connect with nature more, rather than synthesize nature with technology.”