Since 1925, Art Deco has been known as a glamorous, global style characterized by lavish ornamentation. “Ordinary” items found in the everyday home become extraordinary when embellished with gemstones, crystals, and precious and semi-precious stones highlighting their sumptuous designs.

By Kristen Ordonez

Lalique Masque de Femme — THG-Paris

“From the beginning, Art Deco embraced modern luxury through exquisite craftsmanship and precious materials,” says Pedro Uranga, North American director of THG-Paris. “THG’s Profil collection, designed by the legendary Jamie Drake, and our Masque De Femme collaboration with Lalique both emulate these aspects of the beloved design style as well as utilize the celebrated geometrically patterned inlays of the time.” THG has had a relationship with Lalique for more than a decade, creating beautiful works of art that mix turn-of-the-century designs with modern sensibility.

The Masque de Femme Collection features a bas-relief pattern with Lalique crystal set atop each handle. Enamel adorns the handles on all four sides with a palm-frond motif either in black, gray and white or red and beige, a pattern especially reminiscent of the 1920s. Available finishes include polished gold and polished chrome. Starting at $18,125

Profil — THG-Paris

Also from THG is the Profil faucet, by legendary designer Jamie Drake, whose work showcases a penchant for the traditional and American glamour. The eyes are drawn to the sculptural handles of the Profil, embellished with inlays of black onyx or metal, as well as Lalique Clear Crystal and Lalique Black Crystal. Starting at $3,907

Albion — Hudson Valley Lighting

“To me, the Art Deco movement embodies the lavish look of the 1920s — the embrace of modernism and optimism of the times expressed through the simple form and glamour of the style,” says Malaina Matheus, vice president of business development at Hudson Valley Lighting. “Hudson Valley Lighting’s Albion sconce with its rows of polished glass rods is a nod to that important part of history and design while at the same time embracing our own modernity through the LED light source.”

The Albion LED sconce features a glittering array of crystal rods beveled on each end. Fluted cast metalwork clasps the collection of rods, which are arranged in a tapered order around a frosted glass diffuser. A powerful LED driver marries Albion’s twentieth-century glamour with the energy-efficient technology of today. The sconce comes in two sizes and is available in aged brass and polished nickel finishes. $1,725

Blur Collection — Corbett Lighting

Hailing from Corbett Lighting’s summer 2016 collection, Blur is an elegant interplay of mixed materials, evocative of the Art Deco style.

“Blur’s bold geometric forms and mixed textures exemplify the rich depth eternally sought after within the Art Deco movement,” says Steve Nadell, president of Troy-CSL Lighting Inc. “The sconce features a diamond-shaped pattern of varying sized circles made up of rock crystal and clear optical discs.”

These materials, along with opaque iron discs finished in modern silver leaf, create a beautiful configuration enhanced by the warm glow of a dimmable LED light. The palette of materials is fastened to a diamond-shaped, stainless steel backplate. $590