Author: Marlene Ridgway

Be Distinct at Dinner

Small ceramic studios are making an impact with fun designs and a distinct unique feeling for each table. Studios such as Julie Spako’s, Grey Suit Clay, and SkandiHus in London are attracting buyers who crave handmade items you won’t find in bulk.

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Upstage with Home Staging

Staging your home could open the door for buyers and sellers in more ways than one. Home staging could mean decorating, furnishing and even painting an empty home that is on the market.

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A Diverse Draw

Agents showing Canadian real estate agree that areas such as Cambridge, Central Toronto, Nova Scotia, and Downtown Montreal and are appealing to buyers and families from all over the world. Their proximity to accommodating cities and the suburban feel are attracting a plethora of buyers, and these regions are only expected to grow.

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