Author: Marlene Ridgway

One Year After Hurricane Harvey, Port Aransas is Bigger and Better

It’s already been a year since Hurricane Harvey rocked its way through The Lone Star state. But the one year anniversary, August 25, is only another packed weekend of summer festivities in Port Aransas on Mustang Island, known as “Port A” by the locals. From the food, fishing, and fun, it’s clear that Harvey was no match for this Texas beach town.

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Captivating Copper

Copper’s versatility is why you should incorporate it into your decor this year. The range of shades, from pale soft tones to rich and deep copper allows for designers to work with a material and color that is complex. Silver and gold are classic, but copper is an exciting touch of diversity amongst tradition.

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Furniture for Savoring Every Moment of Summer

Whether at a resort, beach club, or in your backyard, Vondom takes the spotlight. The sleekness of each piece brings a sense of elegance to any commercial or residential space. Minimalists will love Vondom’s collections. The lines, fabrics, and colors all create a sense of peace that ensures total relaxation.

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