This $40 million pocket listing consists of four separate parcels on Sierra Mar Place, one of which formerly belonged to Jerry Seinfeld.

By Alyssa Gautieri 

The property, which amounts to nearly an acre of land, offers unparalleled views of Downtown LA and the Pacific Ocean and features an elegant, modern design by architecture firm Vantage Design Group. The home is listed by Rochelle Atlas Maize, the executive director of the luxury estate division at Nourmand & Associates.

The complete Sierra Mar Project consists of four adjoining lots, which total 43,377 square feet of land. Plans have been submitted to the city to construct a 15,000 square foot home and a 6,100 square foot guesthouse on three of the lots.

Parcel 1 — formerly owned by Jerry Seinfeld — consists of 17,636 square feet while, Parcel 2 and 3 total 13,029 square feet. Upon these three lots, there are plans to build a 15,010 square foot 8-bedroom, 11-bath home, as well as a 3-car garage.

While the home is now on the market for $40 million, the property’s fourth parcel —9432 Sierra Mar Place — may also be purchased separately for $5,995,000. The lot, which totals 12,712 square feet will feature a 6,100 square foot 4-bedroom, 4-bath home and a 3-car garage.

Coinciding with the pocket listing of this grand development project is a sneak peak of an exciting new technology, VR-chitect. The VR concept uses drone footage to create lifelike projections of architecture and developments. The technology was instrumental in conceptualizing the Sierra Mar Project.

“We’re excited to be a part of the preview of VR-chitect. We’ve seen its capabilities with the Sierra Mar Project, and how it can be easily integrated by using the architectural plans to create an interactive experience,” Maize said. “This is a huge benefit for any builder or developer.”

Photos courtesy of Red Screen Productions