With floor plans that maximize every inch, these tiny homes by Designer Cottages are embracing the continuing trend toward minimalism.

Whether it’s a primary residence or a getaway home, Designer Cottages offers world-class, high-end living for those who are “looking to give up space, but not luxury,” according to Jim Greer, national brand manager for Designer Cottages.


Photos courtesy of Designer Cottages

Designer Cottages — a division of Clayton — appeals to “retirees looking to downsize, young professionals seeking smaller urban housing solutions, and consumers seeking secondary residences, vacation homes, or guest homes,” says Greer.

In 2015, the team at Clayton recognized a gap in the market as homebuyers became increasingly interested in downsizing.

“Every day, more people realize that choosing to live in homes with smart features and modest floor plans could answer their needs. This is a trend we don’t anticipate going away anytime soon. Homes are no longer considered better simply because they are more expensive or larger than their neighbor’s,” Greer says.

Renowned architect Jeffrey Dungan began prototyping and building tiny home floor plans to fill this need. “Through our research and development in recent years, we’ve heard our customers’ desire to join the growing minimalist lifestyle movement,” explains Greer. “They want lower costs, more energy efficiency, smaller footprints, more functionality, less upkeep, and — as always — high-quality materials.”

After extensive testing, Designer Cottages developed two luxurious floor plans — the Saltbox and the Low Country.

With 270-degree views, the Saltbox offers a sophisticated yet cozy space to call home. With prices starting at $131,885, this tiny home floor plan was designed with simplicity in mind to maximize space and style. Featuring elegant architectural touches and high-end finishes, the Saltbox is the perfect home for those looking to live simply and luxuriously.

Inspired by the marshlands and coastal regions surrounding Savannah and Charleston, the Low Country offers luxury fused with simplicity. With prices starting at $124,724, this tiny home embraces minimalism without abandoning elegance by incorporating high-end finishes.