1Villa Tatutina (2)WEBOn various islands around the Caribbean, rapid, residential development is breathing new life into the luxury real estate market. The captivating near-constant sunshine of the islands, various tourism attractions and even economic perks are drawing in interested buyers looking for a home away from home, which is becoming more popular in the global economy of 2015.

In a new Unique Homes article by our own Sarah Binder, we find that waterfront properties, such as a luxury Kimpta Hotel, are becoming a point of interest in the Cayman Islands, which is welcoming such developments with open arms. The tax-lenient residences of the Bahamas — which don’t have “income, capital gains or inheritance taxes” — lead many wealthy, global citizens to obtain residency there. And in the prosperous country of Curacao, an island which doesn’t rely on tourism for its economies, home owners of all backgrounds enjoy “easy-going island living.”

Below is a sneak peek of the report, which can be found on pages 48 and 49 of our November & December issue.

Cayman Islands

From great weather, ease of access and commercial infrastructure to a small-town feel with just 55,000 inhabitants on Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands beckon foreign buyers to a nation that scores high in just about every desired category. 

The island has just come out of a recession and is experiencing an increase in development, with an airport expansion and new hotels, such as a Kimpton Hotel under construction on Seven Mile Beach, which will feature 56 residences and six beachfront bungalows.