Lisa Adams, a follower of fashion, style and décor with a passion for interior designer, decided it was time to reinvent closet space. She launched LA Closet Design in 2007 with the intention of revolutionizing the concept of closets, transforming them into spaces that were highly functional, organized and beautiful. Since then, a range of celebrities, designers, architects and homeowners have utilized Lisa’s services to create customized, often high tech and environmentally friendly wardrobe spaces.

We spoke with Lisa about the inspiration behind a few of her favorite designs. Check out what she had to say:

“With the shape and height of this closet (10 feet), I wanted to keep things elongated with the 3-way mirrored doors and upper cabinets for additional storage. The bureau near the center of the closet acts to provide a landing area for folding, looking at jewelry or setting accessories on.”

“I wanted to create a boutique shop-in-your-closet dressing room for my client, so there is a place for every item with shoes and accessory items on display. I incorporated back lighting for the shoes with boots hanging on boot trees, and a glass island top for seeing and admiring bracelets, sunglasses and watches.”

“This was such a fun closet to design because of all of the angles and client’s wish to incorporate every square inch, literally, for his collectibles! I designed pull-up glass top cabinets for his collection of baseball caps and sweaters, pull-out hooks for hanging scarves, custom angled shelves for jeans and magnetic panels for all of his magnets. This is a multi-functional space in every sense of the word: space to dress in, play his guitar in, watch TV and play video games in, do work on his laptop, and simply to relax and unwind!”

Photos courtesy of LA Closet Design