A London-based online marketplace dubbed “Amazon for millionaires” has launched, offering the world’s super-rich the chance to buy the finest luxury items across all categories, all on a single website.

The site offers fine art, jewelry, watches, property and even yachts, all delivered to your door (or mooring) direct from the seller.

With a catalog of more than 200,000 luxury goods from all around the world, brought together in hand curated collections and categories, HushHush.com launches as the largest collection of luxury goods and services, all available in one trusted and secure place.

“We wanted to create the leading destination for millionaires and billionaires to buy the finest things in life, all conveniently on one website,” says founder and CEO Aaron Harpin.

A list of the most expensive items appearing on the site includes a £2 million jewel-encrusted Rubik’s Cube, a range of luxury superyachts, a selection of the most sought after hypercars, some of the world’s finest watches, fine art and more.

The most expensive item currently on sale on the marketplace is a £41.3 million Admiral Explorer yacht, but with a regularly updating catalogue of items, this is likely to change.

Offering the most exclusive luxury marketplaces and VIP concierge services to affluent buyers, HushHush.com helps customers from around the world access all the luxury products and services they want, all on one site.

HushHush.com aims to collate the best of the best available around the world and partners with sellers to reach their audience. With a VIP personal shopping concierge service, the discerning team promises to find anything for its buyers, at any hour of the day.

With a focus on customer service and delivering the best possible buyer experience, the site is targeting the world’s wealthiest consumers. HushHush claims the internet’s largest collection of luxury products and experiences, delivered with first class service and support, all in one place.

Photos courtesy of HushHush.