image002Better Homes and Gardens recently revealed their first-ever Innovation Home, decorated by interior designer Lauren Liess.

While tech for tech’s sake is flashy, the BHG Innovation Home solves real life problems with smarts that people can actually use and afford to use today. Imagine your home’s window shades automatically raising and lowering while you’re on vacation, or never having to carry a house key again.

What if your smart mattress could tell you how to optimize sleep? Conveniences like these are now a reality, and are easily attainable for our readers with the right guidance. Design and house features include:

  • Multi-point monitoring of doors, windows, shades, thermostats, door locks, and lights through sensors and smart home controls.
  • Low-maintenance building materials found in siding, roofing, garage doors, and decking that contribute to long-lasting beauty and function.
  • Energy and water saving appliances including a clothes dryer that recaptures energy with a heat pump, as well as high-performance fireplaces that reduce gas consumption.
  • Kitchen and bath products with clever and convenient features including hands-free faucets and a tub with hidden speakers for sound you can hear and feel.
  • Cutting-edge electronics including a web-connected, ultra-thin OLED television and a mattress system that monitors your sleep patterns.