While the outside winter weather coats the streets with snow, Valentine’s Day home décor can bring a much needed brightness into any home. “The warm romantic and playful pinks and reds of Valentine’s Day can bring so much life to a space in the middle of winter,” says Kendra Bester, a certified interior decorator and the owner of Kendra Bester Design. “(Decorating) is a great way to warm up from the grey days of winter.”

Using a variety of décor accessories, Bester has perfectly designed her home to be both inviting and warm. From throw pillows and vases to flowers and candles, Bester says that “anything that makes you feel cozy and relaxed” can make your space feel more romantic.

According to Bester, warm hues are the best colors to create a more romantic feel — red, pink, corals and blush are all warm colors that will make your home feel romantic.

“By decorating with the right accessories in your place, you can add that element of warmth with extra throw pillows on your sofa, fresh flowers on your coffee table or candles on your mantel.”


Due to the simplicity of adding a throw pillow to any space, Bester finds pillows to be her favorite Valentine’s Day decoration. “Pillows instantly change the feeling and mood in your space and make it ready for the special occasion,” she says. “They’re so puffy and soft that it makes your space feel inviting and romantic.”



Bester also loves to include glass jars with candies throughout her home. “What is more welcoming then having a glass dish full fresh seasonal candies to greet you?” she asks. 

Photos courtesy of Kendra Bester from Kendra Bester Design