The Taylor Wimpey España show home is part of the Kiruna Residencial development in Southeast Spain.

It features three-bedroom townhouses set beside the tranquil Alenda Golf Course. With spacious gardens and terraces for enjoying the sun, and lush grounds, a large pool and a clubhouse on site, Kiruna Residencial offers a luxurious setting for those looking for a Spanish second home.

Here are interior designer Pablo Maestre’s insights on how he achieved a balance between reflecting the deluxe nature of the site as well as its natural setting.

What was your vision for the interior design of the show home?

We have extensive experience designing interiors of show homes. Our focus is always on creating a comfortable, quiet and relaxed space in which people can feel at home. The goal is to transform an empty house into a home – a home that is ideal for those families who will be visiting the show home.

How does the design of the show fit with the tone of the overall site?

It is essential to integrate the interior architecture with the local environment, in terms of the materials and colours we use. With a Mediterranean property such as Kiruna Residencial, that meant bringing the essence of nature into the home. We’ve contrasted the business of modern life with natural colours and materials, both inside the show home and out on the terraces. Neutral tones reflect the beauty of the natural environment, while the cotton and linen fabrics and natural woods bring nature into the property in a variety of ways.

What influenced your design choices?

We kept the show home’s target viewers firmly in mind, taking into account factors such as age and nationality. These are important considerations when dressing a show home, as they can make a fundamental difference to the style and materials used. In the case of Kiruna, we opted to create a contemporary and welcoming space without saturating it to the point it felt cluttered.

What are the key materials/pieces of furniture/brands/color palettes that you chose and why did you opt for those particular pieces?

The main materials we used at Kiruna were linen and cotton for the fabrics, with plenty of natural woods and natural colors layered in complementary shades. In the bedrooms, we used voluminous quilts to create the cozy feeling that soft and comfortable beds engender. We also opted for upholstered headboards to create eye-catching designs, with table lamps and large white fabric screens to complete the bedrooms. Carefully selected carpets and decorative panels provided the finishing touches for the feeling of warmth and comfort. 

In the dining room, we played with a series of mirrors to create the ultimate bright, visually broad space. We used custom-designed and manufactured furniture in order to bring our vision for this area of the show home to life. Being able to specify the design and textures used meant that we could fit the furnishings to the dimensions of the house perfectly, as well as the materials.


What should holiday home buyers keep in mind when furnishing their own homes?

It’s important to take several factors into account when decorating a holiday home. Firstly, the space has to be functional, with all the necessities for everyday living yet without overdoing it. Holidays are about feeling relaxed and clutter doesn’t give rise to feelings of peace and harmony!

The same is true of colour schemes – keeping everything neutral and natural invites relaxation and allows the property to benefit from the stunning Alicante sunlight that floods into it.

Photos courtesy of Taylor Wimpey España.