Merging luxury design with cutting-edge solar technology, this new collection from Les Jardins Solar Lighting is far more than just attractive outdoor lighting.

Reimagining portable solar-powered lighting through modern technology and striking design, this collection reduces carbon footprints and elevates personal style through LED lighting that’s attractive, atmospheric, and powered by the sun.

Aesthetics aside, the brand’s replaceable solar module is the true masterpiece of technology and design. Not only is it interchangeable across the entire Les Jardins line, the compact module produces up to 500 lumens of LED light and up to 200 hours of life per charge. It also offers dimming capabilities, a motion sensor, and adaptive technology that memorizes user settings and adjusts to individual needs.

Portable and well-designed, these four light pieces blend sustainability and functionality with relaxed luxury to achieve a definitive indoor-outdoor lifestyle.


The Bump garden light evokes a feeling of casual, airy elegance and is a welcome addition to any outdoor retreat. Constructed of red or gray aluminum and offering up to 500 lumens of light, this fun, modern option is the perfect entry into the high-end solar lighting world. The portable, lightweight Bump moves seamlessly from porch to backyard, cabin to boat and back again.


The sleek Skaal is a play on minimalism and a study in smart, streamlined design. Made of a visually stunning teak pieces, this contemporary lantern is at home both indoors and out. Available in two sizes, it blends clean lines and solid construction with soft, durable light for the ultimate in indoor/outdoor living. Unmatched in both quality and functionality, it is the very definition of modern, urban chic.


The Roam lantern is a truly sophisticated take on portable solar lighting. With a teak frame and stainless steel handle, its natural materials and construction blend seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor space. Roam’s simple, streamlined shape and muted tones make an understated yet elegant statement. Its organic, garden chic vibe is anything but plain and pairs well with any décor style.


Modern sensibility meets versatile design with the Torche collection. Torche complements any landscape or outdoor path design by featuring soft, atmospheric lighting coupled with a variety of light frames ranging from teak to red or gray aluminum. Available in three different sizes and delivered with either a spike to plant or an attachable base, Torche is the ultimate outdoor accessory.