An urbane penthouse perched high above Chicago’s famed Michigan Avenue captivates as both gallery and home.

By Dresden Scott

How does one live with art — or rather, live in art? It was a question that guided a particular art collecting couple, who divide their time between the sun-kissed shores of Palm Beach and the wind-swept streets of Chicago.

There are no universal guidelines, of course — no set of rules for guiding them on a path toward harmonious art-home coexistence. It became a matter of intuition and taste, and a matter of letting the art speak to them so that they, as owners and stewards, could display their art in a way that honors both the artist and his or her subject. They chose an unfinished, 4,000-square-foot penthouse on the 60th floor of the glorious Park Tower for their blank canvas. Renowned Chicago-based architect/interior designer Scott Himmel was promptly brought on board to envision the interiors as an homage to their life’s passion.  

“The clients had a world-class art and sculpture collection, and in addition, they wanted a world-classMid-Century furniture collection to go along with it,” recalls Himmel, who spent…


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