Walk-in closets, decked out with a chandelier, racks on racks of clothes, and luxury handbags in gold cases were always associated with the most elite celebrities, until this year. The “Insta-worthy” closet is emerging in many homes, with homeowners looking to spice up their closet space for the chicest of photos.

The closet is becoming one of the most important spaces in the house, and creator of LA Closet Design Lisa Adams is transforming closets every day. Luxury closet design company, LA Closet Design, launched in 2007 and intended to revamp the concept of closets. Since then, a lengthy list of celebrities, designers, architects and homeowners seek services to create customized, often high-tech and environmentally friendly, wardrobe spaces that add real value to the home. Adams decided it was time to reinvent the closet into a space that is functional, organized and stunningly chic.

Adams is now a celebrity go-to luxury closet designer, with clients like Khloe Kardashian, Fergie and Christina Aguilera. Recently, she created a carry-on luggage line called LAMove Mobile Closet — a closet on the go — and launched popular lifestyle blog CLOSETPHILE. Her clients reside across the U.S., Europe, Dubai and more. Here are some top closet trends, according to Adams.

Staging Areas 

“These are a must in any dressing space today!” said Adams.“Whether it’s as simple as a wall-mounted rod or a freestanding display area, a staging area allows for easy styling and is the perfect spot to snap away and share on social media.”


Shoe Walls 

Nothing says #closetgoals like a floor-to-ceiling display showcasing all your shoes. “Increasingly, clients are putting the pumps on display and keeping them styled to perfection,” said Adams. “You can organize by style, color or occasion, and the wall becomes the perfect backdrop for all those enviable Instagram moments!”




Luxury closets are taking notes from luxury retail when it comes to lighting, with the addition of backlit shelves and illuminated displays to add a wow-factor to any space.


Multi-Functional Rooms

“As more millennials enter the housing market, spaces will become more flexible and multi-functional, challenging the conventional notion of the closet,” said Adams. “We will continue to see closets, along with every other space in the home, adapt to this more informal lifestyle. You no longer need a whole room dedicated to your desk, while your wardrobe suffers in a crowded walk-in; instead, these spaces become one.”

Photos courtesy of LA Closet Design