Well-designed luxury garages are a far cry from the cluttered, dusty rooms where most standard vehicles are kept. For high-end homeowners, their garage upholds the elegant aesthetic found in the main home; but instead of sheltering people, the garage protects their luxury vehicles.

Widely considered to be the perfect extension to a dream home among car enthusiasts, luxury garages are strategically designed to show off the homeowner’s collection of vehicles and related items. Some manufacturers have developed materials specifically to be used for cabinetry in luxury garages, removing the need for kitchen-like cabinets to ruin the sleek, yet rugged vibe of the space. This cabinetry can be complimented by a stainless steel sink and counter space to increase functionality.

Slatwall panels are another popular storage strategy — they double as a finished wall covering and place to store tools and accessories. Similarly, a polyaspartic floor coating not only contributes to the polished look, but also serves as a durable protective layer to prevent damage due to abrasions, spills or moisture.

When designing a luxury garage, consider shades of blue, gray, red and black. Metallic accents, such as a diamond plate backsplash, add depth to this look. Choosing a color scheme that mirrors that of the luxury vehicles will help you achieve a put-together, distinguished design.

Some luxury garage owners choose to install a car lift. This can help homeowners store more vehicles in an area with limited space, or keep seasonal vehicles out of the way during the winter. Other popular amenities include upgraded garage doors that can be controlled remotely via smartphone, as well as year-round climate control. Especially in climate-controlled garages, many hobbyists choose to include a workshop, as well as a TV or sound system to turn their luxury garage into the ultimate leisure space.

Photos courtesy of BIR Luxury Garages.