Statement throw blankets are the perfect way to seasonally decorate, soften a space, and bring a personal touch into any room.


Is there anything quite as tempting as curling up on the couch with a soft blanket?

Throws are functional and don’t crowd a space as other bulky blankets might. With the right design, fabric, and color, throws are an easy way to spruce up your decor without committing to major design changes.

Ditch boring blankets for exciting prints and cozy materials. A thoughtfully placed throw can lighten a room for summer or bring a pop of color in the winter.

Stretching a few plush throws across any bed or couch can add layers and a decorative touch. Layering is a great way to mix and match designs and add complexity to your room. The additional warmth is an easy way to spruce up your everyday furniture.

Pairing throw blankets with metal furniture or placing them against other sharp surfaces can create a contrast that will entice visitors to stay awhile.

Choosing different fabrics are another way to make a statement when selecting a new throw. Ultra soft or simple comfort can help set the atmosphere of a room.

Massimo Alba’s ‘Yes Yes Yes’ blanket and Coralie Miessen’s ‘Home’ blanket are fun ways to personalize your home.

And Oyuna offers a cashmere option known as the ‘Uno Throw’ that will encourage a lazy afternoon full of lounging. After relaxing, the ‘Uno Throw’ can be casually folded across bench seating to invite guests.

Photos courtesy of WallpaperSTORE*