In addition to its 50th anniversary, the $50 million company will also celebrate expansions, acquisitions and its new comprehensive rebranding campaign.

Merritt, the leading global provider of monumental architectural interior for residential estates and superyachts, was created in 1967 on the belief that although its craft may be traditional, its business should be innovative. Fifty years later, this principle has allowed Merritt to become an industry leader.

Merritt has also become a family legacy since Founder George A. Merritt’s sons took over the business in 2001. Chief Executive Officer Michael Merritt and Executive Vice President, Keith Merritt still use their father’s principles to guide the company’s future.

While widely known for its luxury interior architectural woodworking, Merritt seeks to provide clients with an unparalleled set of interior services from woodwork and joinery manufacturing, carpentry and installation to hardware, metalwork, specialty materials and classical decoration. However, its engineering and consultation services are what have truly made Merritt’s business stand out.

“At Merritt we have always strived to exceed the definition of our industry and to develop a standard, above and beyond the expected,” said Michael Merritt. “Our clients, and their clients, expect a level of precision that is only executed with extraordinary collaboration, craftsmanship and painstaking detail. It is through delivering on this promise that we are changing the very definition of woodwork from the inside out.”

While headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Merritt also has offices in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. To further its mission of setting new industry standards around the world, Merritt has begun to manage the entire process from design concept to project delivery.

With more than 250 employees, Merritt maintains a team of highly skilled architects, engineers, ACADTM detailers, 3D modelers, project managers, cabinetmakers, finishers, machinists, operators, traffic and delivery specialists and on-site superintendents and carpenters.

In celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary, Merritt has also decided to partake in a complete rebranding campaign including name, logo, website, videos, social channels and more. Michael Merritt and Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mark Mantione seek to position Merritt’s client image on par with its sophisticated collaborators and well beyond that of any of its competitors worldwide.

Photos courtesy of Merritt