Revolutionizing childrens’ surroundings, Tink Things design-oriented furniture supports sensory intelligence and emotional regulation of children.

In creating an innovative way to encourage sensory intelligence in children, a new brand Tink Things by studio Benussi&theFish has developed furniture that will provide children a more dynamic, fun and supportive space where their brains can also be nurtured.

All children differ in their ability to process and respond to sensory stimuli from the environment and their own bodies. Their unique ways of integrating the sensory information affects everything from their physical capabilities to learning and social development.

Photo by Misha Obradovic

Taking these notions into account, the designers behind Tink Things have taken an alternative approach to designing for children, knowing that considering a child’s sensory needs and interaction with their surroundings need to be set as priority.

The result is furniture that is interactive, giving them the ability to move while engaging in other activities, providing a more supportive neural environment in contrast to the conventional one that is often static, firm, and rigid due to standard furniture.

“Children’s surroundings really could be more fun and encouraging for all kids, and especially for those with sensory issues, from ADHD to being on the autism spectrum. Good sensory processing is crucial for all of them equally, and yet it is very often overlooked,” says Dorja Benussi, the CEO and co-founder of Tink Things.

“We at Tink Things believe that the sensory approach should be a standard in kids’ furniture design. The way they filter and react to stimuli impacts just about everything else. It’s amazing to see the change and progress you can make simply by understanding children’s sensory needs and putting them first. So, we did.” she adds. 

Tink Things currently has two chair models available to consumers, Ika & Mia.

Ika Swing Chair

Ika’s non-fixed seat not only allows kids to move but encourages constant rocking and bouncing, acting calmingly and improving their concentration. Ika is fun, but more importantly, it supports kids when they need a little boost or moment to enjoy some playful fidgeting.

Mia Hoodie Chair

Mia’s fabric seat is fun and charming. It hugs kids and offers mild, deep-pressure soothing, which boosts serotonin levels and helps reduce stress. If the child feels overwhelmed, he/she can pull up the cocoon and partly isolate themselves, hoodie style.


Photo by Marija Gasparovic