MKB-Architectural-Cliff House-Night HorizontalWEBIn the coming years, the Utah-based Montage Resorts & Hotels will be bringing its passionate staff, positive values and ultra-luxury services to new locales across North America. And it’s because of those spectacular characteristics, which have helped Montage thrive in its six existing properties, that the ultra-luxury management company is setting its sights on new residential destinations in South Carolina, Mexico and San Diego. The developments which will be finished by 2017.

A recent Unique Homes report on Montage, available on pages 25 and 158 (mind the jump!) of our November & December issue, sheds some light on Montage’s meteoric rise. By appealing to high-affluent buyers, Montage has overseen positive trends in their residential properties: Hotel guests are becoming homeowners, and buyers are purchasing “larger-than-usual” homes. For more information on Montage, check out a sneak peek of the story below, or click here for the full article.

Comfortable elegance. Personalized service. Genuine family values. While Montage Hotels & Resorts currently is a small portfolio, the ultra-luxury hotel and resort management company executes an ambitious hospitality philosophy at each of its six properties. The Southern California-based brand is expanding its hotel and residential offerings this year and beyond, with new developments in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina, Los Cabos, Mexico; and San Diego.

“Palmetto Bluff, our latest and greatest offering, is truly magnificent and will open little less than a year away,” said Montage Founder and CEO Alan Fuerstman at a recent event in New York City to celebrate the ongoing success of the brand. The classic, low-country resort will feature 50 residential cottages and 200 rooms on a 20,000-acre property. From South Carolina and Utah to California and Mexico, Montage prides itself on carefully selecting distinguished locations for its resorts.