Handcrafted using ancient techniques, Noble Souls is the first sofa range ever made using 100 percent natural vegetable dyes, feathers and natural linens.

The Noble Souls sofa collection is based on a simple idea that today’s real luxuries are those moments of blissful reconnection, when we feel ourselves truly alive and can deeply reconnect with one another.

In today’s globalized, virtualized world, those moments are too rare. We live in our heads, on our phones and in our screens, and we risk becoming more disconnected than ever from real life. 

British furniture and interior designer Timothy Oulton wanted to figure out how to create more of these joyful moments where we feel closely connected to our surroundings and the world around us.

With a passion for materials and craft, Oulton unearthed answers on a journey that crisscrossed the globe, rediscovering ancient craftsmen, their techniques and the pure, natural materials they have used for thousands of years.

Timothy Oulton designs the Noble Souls collection to help people reconnect.

  “We wanted to go beyond the sofa, to think about the space in someone’s home, and the context of their life,” Oulton says. “It’s not just furniture. Noble Souls gives you permission to relax and truly let go. In a home, these sofas become a hearth, a place where you can reconnect with each other more deeply, or even just with yourself.”

The collection features three sofas: Realm, Nest and Oasis. Each one offers a different seating contour, from extremely laid-back to more supportive profiles, ensuring there is a sofa perfectly suited to complement any lifestyle. The modular design ensures each sofa is endlessly configurable, to suit any space.  

The Noble Souls collection is of disarming softness and epic comfort, made using natural materials and ancient craft. Each sofa is filled with goose down feathers, the simplest form of all feathers, creating thousands of tiny pockets of air within the sofa. Seat covers are all natural linen, using only 100 percent natural vegetable dyes.

Noble Souls linens are colored using only 100 percent natural vegetable dyes, applied the same way it has been done for thousands of years, which is using only dye stuffs and water. Blue hues are achieved using indigo, and grays using gallnut. Color fastness is achieved with a gentle stone washing treatment.

Accompanying the sofa collection, a select range of furniture and lighting is available. The collection also supports the three key “realms of reconnection” in any home — the sofa living area, the dining space and the bedroom.

Photos courtesy of www.timothyoulton.com