Port Aransas is an undiscovered gem of beach getaways along the coast of Texas. It’s not only thriving but growing fast.

Photo courtesy of  Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club

Photo courtesy of  Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club

It’s already been a year since Hurricane Harvey rocked its way through The Lone Star state. But the one year anniversary, August 25, is only another packed weekend of summer festivities in Port Aransas on Mustang Island, known as “Port A” by the locals. From the food, fishing, and fun, it’s clear that Harvey was no match for this Texas beach town.

Unfazed by the obstacles brought on last August, the community, beaches, and developers are still riding the wave of a busy summer season and looking ahead to next year. Jeffrey Hentz, president and CEO of the Port Aransas/Mustang Island Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau and area developers hosted Unique Homes recently at a press event in New York City,  hoping to spread the word globally about their little-known destination in Texas.

Photo courtesy of Cinnamom Shore

“The beaches captured me,” says Hentz. “The white sand and beauty of it.” With years of experience under his belt and plenty of destinations with which to compare to, Port A stands out among other beach towns. “Port A is one of America’s last organic beaches,” Hentz says. He also describes the town as authentic and homegrown because of the safe, family-friendly, and natural aspects of the area.

Mandy van Streepen of Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club makes a note of the less commercialized feel in Port A. “It’s an undiscovered slice of heaven. The beaches are white and long and beautiful for venturing out,” she says. Jeff Lamkin, the developer of Cinnamon Shore says, “Texas gets a bad rap for beaches.” However, it’s clear that Port A has something to offer everyone, from multi-generational families and millennials to empty-nesters.

Several luxury resorts make up the 4,000 lodging rooms of all shapes and sizes that are available in Port A. Cinnamon Shore is a community that embraces traditions and offers the perfect setting for families and more, explains Lamkin. With surf lessons, yoga and shrimp boils on the beach, a variety of fishing, and more, Cinnamon Shore wants to be your home away from home.

Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club offers townhomes, condos, cottages, and custom homesites that range in size making it easy for any visitor or buyer to find what’s right for them. With the long list of amenities offered, including the dune crossover, Black Marlin Bar & Grill, and V.I.P beach experience, there are endless ways to spend a day of leisure. “It’s truly a luxury resort,” says van Streepen.

Sunflower Beach Resort & Residences is also an exciting part of Port A’s lodging opportunities. After finding the perfect place to stay, take a relaxing ride down to the beach in a convenient golf cart then appreciate the white sand and spectacular views for a moment before spending the day fishing, kayaking, bike riding or hunting for treasure. After a satisfying meal, from Italian and barbecue to seafood and sushi, take part in the lively nightlife available in Port A.

Photo courtesy of Cinnamon Shore

Loved by Texans already, Port A hopes to be a global destination in the upcoming years. Already booming, the economy in Texas is ranked the 10th largest in the world and 2nd largest in the U.S., according to van Streepen. These reassuring numbers and Port Aransas’ speedy recovery from Harvey are encouraging buyers, travelers, and renters to make their move, but the growth potential is also a leading component.

With its central location and easy access to major cities, the total population within 6 hours of Port Aransas is over 17 million, van Streepen says. Whether you’re buying for your own enjoyment, planning to rent or resell, Port A boasts a world of opportunities and attractions that are only expanding. “Looking to the future, it’s only going to get bigger and nicer,” says Lamkin.

“Business is thriving,” says Hentz. With the ongoing success of this summer’s busy season, developers in Port A are especially excited about what’s coming soon to help make this a year-round destination. Guests can expect a hotel/conference center and sports complex, in addition to the expanding Beachtoberfest.

The six-week-long Beachtoberfest offers a variety of festivities each weekend, one even more appealing than the next. Beginning September 20 and running through October 28, events planned include the Port Aransas Grand Theater Re-opening, several fishing tournaments, Texas Superchef Throwdown Series as part of the World Food Championship, a music fest, and plenty more.