By Roger Grody

Steinway & Sons introduces an innovative, unprecedented player piano, combining craftsmanship and technology.

Steinway & Sons is practically synonymous with meticulously crafted grand pianos, commissioned for royalty throughout the world and played in concert by everybody from Sergei Rachmaninoff to Taylor Swift. Its latest release, the Spirio, is the result of more than 150 years of artistry and more than a little bit of science.

The Spirio is Steinway’s first autonomously playing piano, and revolutionizes the entire concept of a player piano by introducing extraordinarily high-resolution sound. Through technological advancements, the piano’s “hammers” — when a piano key is struck, it activates a hammer to hit the strings — are measured 800 times per second, resulting in nearly perfect facsimiles of live world-class performances.

Ron Losby, president of Steinway & Sons – Americas, reports the company had been exploring…

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