From fashion to home design, the sunny season is the perfect excuse to try something new. With spring around the corner, many homeowners are searching for ways to refresh their home.

Looking to brighten up your space? Add a metallic. Hoping to get more organized this year?

Tall storage never looked so good. For those hoping to change up their home decor, the bathroom is the perfect place to start. Here are some of the most popular bathroom trends at the moment.


Bathrooms are the perfect space to explore the use of mixed materials. When creating a unique look, the smaller design elements can make a huge difference. Also, surface finishes on the same piece aim to achieve an eye-catching contrast. Try a combination of matte with gloss, textured with smooth, and brushed with polished. ​


Interior designers are now moving away from the traditional chrome finish and choosing different colored metallic finishes to complement their bathroom decor. Gold has been an enduringly popular metallic finish for a few years now and we expect to see it joined by other metallic finishes like rose gold, copper and nickel trough this year.


Nowadays it is possible to find a wide array of designs, styles and finishes on offer, but brassware has come to stay. While investing in these good-quality products, you can be assured that your brassware will look at its best for years to come.


Tall storages have attracted a lot of attention this year and look set to remain as a popular bathroom choice. They offer additional storage for all your essential items, whilst complementing the rest of your decor.​

Photos courtesy of Maison Valentina