Nature is an inspiration for all great art, and this does not exclude interior design. Whether it is displaying the strength of the sea, representing the beauty of individual creatures, or depicting the uniqueness of a forest, these beautifully designed rugs were inspired by nature.



Animal prints are often used to accent interior spaces, but designs that replicate snake skin have become particularly popular. Using a bold graphic design, Rug’Society developed the imperial snake collection — a coherent collection using noble materials, graphics and patterns that are different and unusual.

Photo courtesy of Rug’Society



The Baltic Sea, located in Scandinavia, has several water types and different blue shades that compose it. Rug’Society’s BALTIC rug embodies the essence of the Baltic Sea, having a blue colour gradient. This versatile design rug is a harmonious piece that simultaneously transmits the strength of the sea and the softness of the blue colour. BALTIC Rug will bring nature and fierceness to your home décor.

Photo courtesy of Rug’Society



The Villa Nova Twinkle Twinkle Rug by Sweetpea & Willow combines different shades of chenille cotton to create a gorgeous night sky with stars. The flat-weave rug will make the perfect addition to your little one’s bedroom. The pattern along with the sumptuous feel of the rug make this the ideal night time reading haven.

Photo courtesy of Sweetpea & Willow



Strong, imponent and dominant, the Bengal Tiger is one of the world’s biggest predators. FELINE by Covet House characterizes the strength of the predator, with strong zig-zag lines that, figuratively, stop the tigers from attacking their prey. Rich in textures and materials, FELINE is a metamorphic piece of the strength that the animal can have against the human action.

Photo courtesy of Covet House



The Enz River runs through the northern Black Forest in Germany, which is considered to have the most attractive landscapes for nature lovers, ramblers, and mountain bikers. ENZ rug is made in hand-tufted tencel and was inspired by the breathtaking richness of the Black Forest and its natural resources.

Photo courtesy of Covet House



Nature is an infinite source of inspiration, and this rug reflects this very fact. The concept for this rug by Rug’Society is the blend between nature, the richness of oriental and minimalist culture, and geometric elements and vintage nuances.

Photo courtesy of Rug’Society