The luxury bathroom brand Maison Valentina has recently released The Newton Collection onto the luxury market, a futuristic take on simple bath features that are made to be extraordinary.

All photos courtesy of Maison Valentina. 

Born through a partnership between Maison Valentina and its sister brand Boca do Lobo, The Newton Collection aims to bring a sense of uniqueness to a space as universal as a bathroom, according to the collection’s designer Joaquim Paulo.

The Newton Collection, or “family” as Paulo sometimes refers to it, consists of a few striking bath pieces, particularly the bathtub, washbasin and freestanding washbasin, which are covered in clusters of black and golden spheres which resemble bubbles floating in a soaking bath. And though all the pieces are vital to the collection, “everything started with the bathtub and only after arriving to final drawing of it we started to develop the other pieces of the family,” according to Paulo. The designer does give credit to the washbasins as well, calling each a “standout piece of international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms.”

The designs are meant to be futuristic in nature with their overall color scheme focusing on dark colors with bright gold accents, to add a tranquil, elegant or dynamic atmosphere. Paulo says these choices fit well with the goal of the collection, which was to not only bring a luxury touch to every bathroom, but to go beyond and help clients create a unique home experience through the materials.

Nowadays, bathrooms are seen more and more as a premium area in a house, hotel, bar or restaurant, so we believed that we needed to bring a touch of luxury and exclusivity to these areas,” he says.

The collection took four months to develop from the first sketch to the final product, according to Paulo, a process which took a lot of examination and preparation before coming to fruition. “We studied the luxury market, our competitors, and we identified the needs for these kinds of products,” says Paulo. The designer also gives much credit to the other designers from Boca do Lobo, whose expertise was key to creating such marvelous pieces.

Overall, all of the pieces in the Newton Collection standout and distinguish themselves from all other designs. “Newton is an outstanding moment of inspiration — a luxury statement piece created in order to fulfill the needs of our clients that are looking for the best in contemporary furniture design mixed up with luxurious details and high-quality materials,” says Paulo.


Newton Bathtub – $21,210

Newton Freestand – $11,355

Newton Washbasin – $15,955

Top photo washbasin, bottom photo freestanding washbasin.