Luxury website has announced the launch of the world’s most luxurious coloring book, now on the market for $30,875.

While adult coloring books have recently gathered a lot of attention, the market has not offered a luxury option. Until, introduced The Bespoke Coloring Book, which will offer each buyer customized illustrations by famed illustrator Ian Beck.

Beck will meet with buyers to learn about the most important people, moments and places in the life of the book’s recipient. The style of illustration will be agreed upon and the hand-rendered illustrations and title page will be presented to the buyer on beautiful handmade paper.

“I am really delighted to be part of this project, I anticipate the type of subjects people would like to have illustrated include: a portrait of themselves; pets; home; favorite holiday resort; family at their regular restaurant; cottage in the country etc. This is an amazing keepsake and heirloom in the making for the family,” said Beck.

It is widely reported that the act of coloring forces the mind to be still and focus on the present moment. The repetitive and simple task enables the mind to block intrusive negative thoughts whilst creating a sense of calm.

“Coloring books are a wonderful antidote to today’s digital-driven world and represent a trend that is here to stay,” said Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo, Superbrands and Cool BrandLeaders. “We are offering the world’s most luxurious incarnation of this. The perfect way to relax whilst coloring one’s fondest memories captured by an exceptional illustrator.”

Once the illustrations have been selected they will be hand-bound by Masters Bookbinding using traditional crafts and tools. The title on the leather bound book will be debossed, and the recipients name will be highlighted in 24-carat gold leaf.

Photo courtesy of VeryFirstTo