The $100,000 Bracelet Unlocking Your World

Senturion’s one-of-a-kind bracelets combine 4 billion years of history with the world’s leading security technology to deliver “an asteroid that starts your Ferrari.”

By Christine Aebischer

senturion-flash-2Keyless entry technology is becoming increasingly more common, from starting cars to unlocking homes; however, nothing quite compares to the Senturion bracelet, which not only delivers a keyless entry system using the latest RFID technology, but also presents a sleek design at the heart of which lies a 4-billion-year-old meteorite. With this bracelet wearers can remotely lock and unlock homes, wine cellars, yachts and cars.

Senturion’s creation, described as “a passion project” by Senturion’s spokesperson, Kathryn Hounsome, centered on finding the most unique and rare materials possible to make the bracelet not only functional but also a work of art. The shell of each bracelet is carved out of solid meteorite that was formed in the final stages of fusion in a star’s life cycle and is older than the Earth itself. Known as “Gibeon,” the specific meteorite used in each bracelet is an estimated 4.4 to 4.7 billion years old and landed 100 million years ago in Africa. No two bracelets are exactly alike, as each one boasts an entirely unique Widmanstätten etch pattern that cannot be replicated on Earth due to millions of years of slow cooling at sub-freezing temperatures in space.

senturion_Female ModelEach bracelet passes through seven stages of craftsmanship and machine production with over 70 hours dedicated to the creation of just one product, making Senturion among the world’s leading experts in handling and machining meteorite. “We discovered when etched, [the meteorite] creates an incredible pattern,” says Hounsome. “The great thing about the design is it doesn’t look like anything. There is nothing like it.”

Senturion partnered with Yale and Paxton security systems to develop their wireless, non-contact entry system, which utilizes a radio-frequency electromagnetic field and syncs with Yale and Paxton’s latest RFID locks, as well as cars with built-in keyless entry systems. It includes active, passive and UHF RFID technologies, as well as Nearfield and satellite capabilities upon request, as each bracelet is customized to the individual wearer.

senturion-openThe bracelet deliberately does not have any extra features; it was developed solely as a seamless key. “It’s simple, it does what it does,” says Hounsome. “You don’t have to press buttons or click things; once you’re wearing it, that’s it.” The developers did not want to include other technology, such as Bluetooth, that would become outdated, or have it take the place of a watch, Hounsome elaborates. Senturion’s built-in microchips are designed around natural hand motions and integrate seamlessly into the user’s life.

Due to the rarity of the meteorite, the bracelets are available only in limited amounts. The Senturion V6 AST Rose Gold Meteorite model, which retails for £62,280 (about $94,996), is a limited edition of 300 pieces. Additional models include the VBR Handcrafted Rose Gold, which is limited to 250 pieces and retails for £32,880 (about $50,129) and the Hydra Supernova V6 AST Rhodium and Black Gold Meteorite, which is limited to just 50 pieces and retails for £68,980 (about $105,211). A two-stage, revolutionary, easy-secure safety clasp, which was developed to omit wear and tear on buckles, reduce fastening time and provide additional security, ensures that the bracelet only comes off when its wearer chooses to remove it.