Sipping in Style

By Christine Aebischer

As temperatures begin to cool, a warm beverage becomes a treasured part of the daily routine, either as a morning jumpstart, afternoon pick-me-up or evening release. But you won’t want to rush through the process with these stunning tea and coffee sets. From antique to modern varieties, these collections will add style and elegance to your next coffee or tea break, elevating it to more of a ceremony than just part of the daily grind.

PUIFORCAT - Fluidite setA. Bakker Puiforcat Fluidité

Signed and available in a limited edition of 20 numbered pieces, Fluidité is Puiforcat’s latest master work, resulting from the collaboration between the workshop’s revered silversmiths and designer Aldo Bakker. Continuing his ongoing exploration of service rituals, Bakker has designed a tea and coffee set that embodies the elegance and perfection of the silverwork characteristic of Puiforcat’s master craftsmen. Each set is handmade in Puiforcat’s workshops in Paris and comprises a teapot, coffeepot, creamer and sugar can in sterling silver and ebony, as well as two porcelain cups. Symbolic of the artist’s creations, and of Jean Puiforcat’s before him, Bakker’s set inspires to make every experience of the day a moment of contemplation and appreciation. The set is on display at Vienna Design Week, Sept. 23 through Oct. 4. Priced at $135,800.

Tiffany Chrysanthemum Coffee and Tea Service 1Tiffany Chrysanthemum Coffee & Tea Service

This 10-piece antique coffee and tea service by the famed Tiffany & Company was created in the Chrysanthemum pattern from sterling silver. Introduced in 1880, Chrysanthemum is considered among Tiffany’s most beautiful and luxurious designs. The motif’s namesake flower is expertly applied to each piece in the set, which includes a large, two-handled tray; hot water kettle with a burner; two coffee pots; a tea pot; chocolate pot; subtly gilded covered sugar bowl; creamer and waste bowls; and sugar tongs. All of the pieces are marked TIFFANY & Co. STERLING SILVER. A complete coffee and tea service of this size and in such wonderful condition is a rare find, according to M.S. Rau Antiques, who is offering the set. Priced at $198,500.

BREW_FAMILY_5 copyTom Dixon BREW

BREW acknowledges coffee making as an art form and is a celebration of the coming together of heat, steam, water and coffee grounds — a tribute to the mysteries of the modern-day coffee ceremony. Each of the sleek products is precision-engineered from stainless steel, with a high-gloss finish, achieved by applying a film of vaporized copper. The set includes a caddy, scoop, cafetiere, stovetop coffee maker, milk pan, espresso cups, a biscuit tin and a serving tray. There is a piece to perfect each stage of the coffee ritual, from the push of the plunger to the dunk of the biscuit. Prices per piece range from £35 to £140.