By Kirsten Niper

Ultra Wealthy Buy Homes as Gateways

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According to a report by Wealth-X and Sotheby’s International Realty, a growing number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNW) view homes as ‘opportunity gateways,’ either as a safe investment diversification or as part of a program to gain citizenship or residency in another nation.

UHNW are defined as individuals with at least $30 million in assets, and there are 211,275 UHNW globally who collectively hold about $3 trillion in real estate assets.

The UHNW Residential Real estate index increased to 115.2 in the second quarter of 2015, an 8.3-percent rise and the sixth consecutive year it has risen, reflecting the continued trend for UHNW to invest in luxury real estate, particularly in the Western markets.

BridgerConway introduces Conway+Partners


Specializing in branding and marketing communication for the real estate market, Conway+Partners will provide clients with a wealth of expertise in luxury branding and integrated marketing services.

Santiago Felippelli Conway, co-founder and creative director of BridgerConway, says, “The intention is to show some of our most important attributes as an innovative and global high-quality services provider.

“The new brand, with decades of experience and expertise in this field, will help us extend our boundaries and achieve the goal of becoming the leading branding and communication agency in the real estate and hospitality market, offering creative solutions to our customers around the world.”

Best Cities to Raise Active Children

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One of the guiding factors in real estate decisions is based on the life afforded to children. BetterDoctor assessed school quality scores and outdoor metrics to find out which cities are the best to raise children. According to BetterDoctor, California boasts 6 of the top 15 best cities to raise active children; cities in warmer states generally scored higher; and cities within 3 percent of the national average of 23.3 percent of persons under 18 ranked higher.

1. Madison, WI

2. Fremont, CA

3. Chula Vista, CA

4. Plano, TX

5. Reno, NV

6. Aurora, CO

7. Sacramento, CA

8. Lincoln, NE

9. Virginia Beach, VA

10. Omaha, NE

11. San Jose, CA

12. Long Beach, CA

13. Colorado Springs, CO

14. Austin, TX

15. Raleigh, NC

International Tourist Arrivals Increase

photo credit World Tourism Organization

International tourism is continuing its upward trend, with an increase of 4 percent worldwide between January and April 2015. Prospects for May-August remained strong, with an expected 500 million tourists traveling abroad, according to the latest World Tourism Barometer form the World Tourism Organization.

About 332 million travelers went overseas in early 2015, 16 million more than the same time period in 2014, consolidating a 4.5-percent average increase of arrivals each year since 2010.

The Americas were the most popular destination, with a 6-percent increase, followed by Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East, all with a 4-5-percent increase.