Precious Gems

By Peter Fiorilla

Diamonds are forever, and for some, there can never be too many within arm’s reach. So here are three ways to bring more diamonds into the home, from Maison Valentina’s Diamond Bathroom Collection, courtesy of the creative minds at Covet Lounge.


diamond-bathtub-1-HRDiamond bathtub: Why not bathe in a diamond? Made of the hardest metal in the world, this opulent, black bathtub has an upscale presence that complements bathrooms of any style. At about 6 feet long and 2 feet high, this tub likely will be the largest diamond you can add to your estate. Yet despite its unique size and appeal, this bathtub has an unmistakably classic look as a result of its aged brushed brass and iron. This means it can admirably serve as a focal point around which to build a bathroom, but — even if you’re only looking to apply the finishing touches on an already existing room — it always works. Every bathroom gets richer with this one-of-a-kind diamond. $25,655

Keep the Time

DIAMOND-03Diamond safe and watch winder: Protect your most treasured possessions with yet another treasured possession, in the form of the diamond safe and watch winder. This compact piece — 7.9 inches high and 10.2 inches wide — exudes the ritzy aura of diamonds, but it also draws inspiration from the quality care given to luxury watches. In addition to being well lapidated, this piece is sculpted from “the finest materials in order to offer the perfect ambiance to the most valued collector watches.” It comes in three different colors. $2,760

On the Side

diamond_emerald_01Diamond emerald casegoods/sideboard: Built as part of Covet Lounge’s limited edition set, this emerald sideboard feels dateless, but also contemporary, an exclusive piece of décor from a classy era which also fits right in with more modern amenities. At 71 inches long and 33 inches tall, the diamond sideboard also can store plenty of everyday items, such as the diamond safe and watch winder. Just be prepared to have some help if you install it — this particular sideboard weighs in at 143 pounds! $23,700

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