European Elegance

The timeless design styles of European manufacturers continue their dominance in American luxury homes. Marrying Old World artistry with high-quality modern craftsmanship, these European manufacturers offer sophisticated artisan fixtures for the home.

By Stacey Staum 


Monte-Carlo_Ambiance MdM Gros plan 151 doréeBased in Normandy, France, Tetard-Haudiquez-Grisoni (THG) is renowned for its unparalleled collection of faucets and bath accessories. Maintaining partnerships with similar-minded luxury brands and high-profile designers, THG creates products of unrivaled composition and design. Each one-of-a-kind piece is crafted via traditional methods that have been passed down through generations of artisans. THG has recently received an EPV Quality Label, an illustrious citation recognizing companies that preserve artisan traditions and reflect French ingenuity and cultural heritage.

Skyfall_p011Studio Italia Design

Studio Italia Design has been the leading designer of contemporary lighting fixtures for over 60 years. The Venice-based company produces creative lighting systems with over 500 designs of suspension, pendant, ceiling-mounted, sconce and table lamps. Their artisans create beautiful hand-blown glass pieces with custom metal inclusions, which are then carefully assembled directly by the company, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. Having collaborated with the most renowned designers in the world, Studio Italia Designs offers trendsetting products and unrivalled craftsmanship.

MB507_02MGS Milano

MGS stainless steel fixtures combine classic Italian style with precise Swiss engineering. Offering plumbing fixtures for kitchens, bathrooms and the outdoors, MGS has been one of the premier manufacturers of high-end faucets since its founding in northern Italy in 1997. MGS stands out for their use of non-toxic, naturally hygienic stainless steel instead of brass. Though costly and time-consuming, each element of every fixture is hand-finished prior to assembly to ensure a durable finish with clean edges.