Murals that are making a bold impact on the world of interior design with fresh prints and inspiring colors.

Historically, wallpaper was a long-term decor commitment; it was difficult to remove. The process involved steam and scrapping, which could be a headache. However, wallpaper and wall murals have been revolutionized by technology and easier application over the years. With continuing popularity, Sandberg Wallpaper has released several prints that are bound to stun.

Some brands have introduced peel and stick applications while most other types can be removed without leaving glue or residue behind. These new methods, better tools, and unforgettable designs have made wallpaper and wall murals something that — ironically — you’ll want to keep around.

Previously, personalized designs, textured prints, and bold colors were not as readily accessible as they are with technology today. A wall-sized bouquet of flowers is a far cry from a repeating floral pattern that typically comes to mind when thinking of wallpaper.

Sandberg Wallpaper offers a plethora of options when it comes to unique designs and unforgettable murals.

Ilse, from OAS collection, is a wall mural that is a soft textile with comfortable and warm tones from Studio Sandberg.
Julie from the L’Hotel collection and designed by Sara Bergqvist is a wall mural that poses an impressive flower display. The massive flowers in the Julie bouquet are in that perfect, delicate stage just before they finish blooming.
Kallio from Rand Scandinavian Stripes collection is a wall mural that is full of contrasts and was inspired by stark rocks against a wide-open horizon. The mesmerizing print appears straight and confined but is free and inspiring. Kallio was designed by Johanna Vestlin.
Midnatt from the OAS collection is deep and dramatic with dark any mysterious tones, and a lulling and dreamlike horizon. This is a wall mural that creates a canvas across several strips of wallpaper and was designed by Karolina Kroon.

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