These extraordinary women found a way to make their mark in the design world, though once considered something of a boy’s club. Here are highlights of the acclaimed designs by the industry’s leading ladies, talents who are innovating beautifully.

Liquefy Table
Patricia Urquiola, 2017

Patricia Urquiola continues to produce timeless, contemporary designs. Each are defined by a stunning sense of color, texture and material that creates beautiful and functional works of art. Her latest collaboration with Glas Italia comes in the form of the Liquefy Table, an elegant set of tables that evokes a feeling of fluidity. Available as a high or low table and in two different colors, Liquefy is a dynamic design and an instant statement piece.

SVS Rugs
Salem Van der Swaagh

Salem Van Der Swaagh is a textile designer, committed to creating products that have both environmental and social impact. All rugs are designed and hand woven in Berlin, using 100 percent salvaged material from industrial weaving, then repurposed into highly textured, luxurious wool products.

Model 71
Bodil Kjær, 1959

Bodil Kjaer’s iconic upholstered series produced a variety of career-defining designs, including a sofa, lounge chair, bench and low table designed for use in public spaces of contemporary architecture. The Model 71 lounge chair exudes a classic, Mid-Century elegance through impeccably tailored loose cushions and a unique polished metal vaulted leg adding additional comfort and stability while creating a floating effect, a common thread throughout Bodil Kjær’s work.

Modern Line Sofa
Greta Grossman, 1949 | 2015

Modern Line was one of Greta Grossman’s most elegant and minimalistic designs, praised in particular for being representative of her background in Scandinavian design. Her timeless sofa collection has a sleek, feminine and light expression that is supported with elegant slender legs. In her words, the sofa was “developed out of our own preferences for living in a modern way.”

Miira Suspension
Sofie Refer

Miira is a series of lamps in a simple and timeless design, embracing Nordic design’s commitment to both elegance and function. The neatly mouth-blown glass and processed metal give the design balance and depth, while soft light shines from the glass globes creating a warm and unique atmosphere within a room. Shapely and subtle, Miira is brought to life by its fine curves and thin neck, adding to its graceful appearance. Available in a variety of configurations.

Photo courtesy of Suite NY