Centerpieces are an additional detail that brings an overall sense of completion to a table or room.

As the holiday season approaches, menus, decor, and more are on everyone’s mind. This year, if you’re hosting a small army or having an intimate gathering, don’t forget your centerpiece. Artemest offers a world of luxury craftsmanship, and that includes a variety of centerpieces that will adorn holiday tables this year and more to come.

  1. Be Bold With Colors ($310)

Part of the Dogale collection and made from mouth-blown glass and silver plating, the Rosso Cardinale Centerpiece is the perfect pop of color. The Italian-crafted piece offers a sleek and elegant look that comes from the combination of shimmering glass and hand-brushed silver plating.

  1. Embrace Different ($730)

Designed by Gaetano Pesce in 1995 as part of the Fish Design collection, the Big Collina Extracolor Blue XL Centerpiece will stand out on any table. This large, blue bowl is fun and opens the door for creativity. Pile the bowl with a mountain of colorful fruit or gourds this fall or fill it with flowers for a beautiful centerpiece.

  3. Start a Conversation ($3,770)

Designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa, the Mania Bowl, is in the shape of two open hands. The bowl is made of 999/1000 pure silver and serves as a sculpture or a bowl. This kind of centerpiece is sure to start a conversation about art and decor as you sit down and enjoy your meal.

4. Stay Classic ($1,900)

The Intreccio Centerpiece by Adolfo Natalini is a call to ancient times. The use of Carrara marble, Green Alpi marble, Rosa Portogallo marble and the choice of colors are reminiscent of earlier and simpler times. The plate has a timeless aesthetic that will accent a variety of rooms.

  1. Modern Is Magic ($750)

Add a striking modern touch to your table with the Cartoccio Bowl by Afra and Tobia Scarpa. Don’t shy away from the pointed corners, they can be softened by the addition of colorful flowers and fruit. The natural shades of fruit will glow surrounded by sleek, reflective silver. Crafted from 999/1000 pure silver, the bowl is undeniably modern.

Photos courtesy of Artemest

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