Dine on the Antarctic tundra, sleep in the comfort of Rwandan gorillas, or enjoy the seclusion of a private island in the Seychelles. These 5 vacations are all grand adventures, and all accompanied by grand price tags. Memories like no other will be made with these worldwide, ultra-luxury vacations.

North Island in Seychelles

This private island resort boasts just 11 villas, ensuring that guests are secluded from the world’s stresses and free to explore their own exclusive part of the island.

Each villa is the guests’ private beach home, with options to dine and sunbathe right in the villa, or the option to explore the rest of North Island. Several spots on the island are completely secluded, great for romantic dinners and intimate family moments. This vacation is customizable to the guests’ needs. The Villa North Island, the island’s premier villa, starts at approximately $11,000 a night.

Photo courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

Photo courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

Wilderness Safari’s Bisate Lodge in Rwanda

Located next to Rwanda’s active Volcano National Park, the Bisate Lodge envelopes guests in the wilderness while treating them like royalty. Each villa within the eco-lodge is designed to resemble the palace’s of Rwanda’s monarchs, except the villas have views of volcanoes and mountain gorillas.

The lodge is dedicated to conserving the habitat and safety of these wild gorillas with reforestation projects, as well as conservation of the planet. Much of the decor in the lodge is upcycled material, like the glass-bottle chandelier in the wine cellar. Rates per treehouse villa start at $1,100 per night, which includes accommodations, meals, lodge activities and Wi-Fi.


White Desert’s “Greatest Trip” to Antarctica

Though the “Greatest Trip” only lasts one day, it surely will be unforgettable.

This ultra-luxury package departs from Cape Town, South Africa and takes just 12 guests by private jet down to the icy tundra of Antarctica. From there, guests have eight hours to explore before a luxury dinner and then departure.

White Desert, the luxury adventure company that tours Antarctica, wanted to create a package that takes exploration to a luxury level. Though less than a day, this expedition costs $195,000 per person.

Photo courtesy of White Desert

Photo courtesy of White Desert

The Hilltop Villa at Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

Located atop the largest private island in the southern hemisphere, the Hilltop Villa at Laucala Resort is for guests who want the best of secluded luxury.

Accessible only by private road on the already private island, guests enjoy a rare solitary moment while taking in impeccable views of a mango orchard, panoramic pool, and the sprawling hills of Fiji. It takes more than just dollars to book this villa, though: the owner has to personally approve all guests, along with the $44,000 per night price tag.


Fogo Island Inn, Canada

Coined the “hotel at the end of the world,” the Fogo Island Inn is located on a remote island in Newfoundland, Canada, accessible by daily ferry trips or by helicopter. The inn is situated cliffside, overlooking an endless Atlantic. Typical activities in Fogo Island include sketching on the coastline and cod fishing with local fishermen. But, luxury does await at this resort, with rooftop hot tubs, a 37-seat movie theater, saunas and a library. Nightly rates begin at $1,200.


Photo courtesy of Fogo Island Inn