ALIX offers women the opportunity to make unfamiliar cities familiar through luxury resources and a dynamic professional network.  

ALIX member Jessica Robinson arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, one of the handful of women on an exclusive tour of the Vigée Le Brun exhibition. In the intimate company of other esteemed women, she got her own private tour. “The curated event served as an exceptional opportunity to learn about this incredible woman who truly defied times through her artistry and to spend time with and connect with distinguished women of today,” says Robinson.

ALIX, the international membership of professional women, gives them the opportunity to travel globally, for both business and leisure. Members of ALIX can access their renowned network of resources, from dining to wellness and cultural events.

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“The focus on networking and safety for me are huge,” says Robinson, whose safety and security business is dedicated to helping create a consciously secure world. “To know that when I go to a place that I haven’t been before, or haven’t been in years, ALIX is there to connect me to others is key.”

Founder and CEO of ALIX, Suzanne Randolph, started the group once she noticed a lack of resources for the needs of executive women on business travel. So, she aimed to create a safe community that could connect women, while also creating impactful experiences not offered elsewhere.

“The challenges women face in the workforce are huge; we hear too often that we’re never quite good enough and that’s a stressful place to be,” says Randolph. “We’re taking care of women first. There’s a layer of support to allow women to stay in shape mentally and physically.”

“Our experiences are always evolving,” says Randolph. “We’re connecting women to the services and resources to feel their best, and always be on top of their game.”

ALIX is planning on expanding to 20 cities around the world within the next five years. Annual membership is $1,500 for London-only, or a total-city package for $5,000.

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