Serving as the go-to destination for both first-timers and experienced art collectors, Martin Lawrence Galleries feature original and unique works from masters including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso.

Liudmila Kondakova’s “La Maison Rose”

The galleries began presenting the work of 20th- and 21st-century artists in 1975, and since have expanded their influence to nine locations. From New York and California to Hawaii and Louisiana, MLG have become the anchor for superior fine art throughout the United States.

In addition to the work of historic and iconic artists, the galleries introduce the work of modern, published artists including Vik Muniz, Liudmila Kondakova and Francois Fressinier.

The galleries have lent and exhibited over 200 masterworks by more than 30 different artists, however each artist displays a unique style, which can be seen through their creations.

Francois Fressinier Speaking to the Art

Born in Cognac, France in 1968 to scholarly portrait photographer parents, it was fitting that François Fressinier would develop a unique, enchanting style. Early exposure to some of the world’s most historic places, such as France’s Gallo-Roman ruins and Gothic churches, inclined Fressinier to explore and create figurative, symbolic artwork. While the modern figurative artist does a little sketching, he often lets his paintings speak to him.  Alone in his studio, Fressinier often watches as his artwork appears progressively and without force.

François Fressinier’s “Over The Surface”

Liudmila Kondakova’s “Red Umbrella”

Liudmila Kondakova Drawing Inspiration from the Past

Rich with clarity and light,  Liudmila Kondakova displays an individual sense of artistic and spiritual well-being in her masterpieces. Her meticulous attention to detail allows viewers to become intimately involved in the life of her paintings. Since her childhood in Russia, Kondakova has been fascinated by traditional art, by a sense of spirituality that transcends common existence. Her painting technique is that employed by medieval egg-tempera painters. Her palette — influenced by the icon painters of Byzantium and Russia — is both vibrant and beautiful, with colors that blend in a subtle, poetic balance. Original paintings and limited edition prints by Kondakova have an honored place in private collections around the world.

Vik Muniz Recreating Well-Known Masterpieces

Creator and innovator Vik Muniz is a multi-talented artist who is best known for recreating well-known masterpieces using 3-D materials. Inspired by famous imagery from art history and pop culture, Muniz uses unexpected, everyday objects to create his compositions. He then photographs his work to preserve an exact look. Centering on visual literacy and the nature of visual cognition, the Brazilian artist and photographer often creates bold, ironic and deceiving images. Works sold at the Martin Lawrence Galleries include limited edition photographs of Muniz’s projects.

Vik Muniz’s “Grey Marilyn (Pictures of Diamond Dust)”

 All artwork is available through Martin Lawrence Galleries.