California Faucets proves that faucets can harmonize in the bath in more ways than one. Following the success of Tub Filler Fever, which went viral in the industry, and Aqua Pella, which won multiple marketing awards, Bath Time is the latest in an evolving series of light-hearted kitchen and bath videos from California Faucets. This time, the video features a blend of computer-generated image (CGI) characters with live action. While the supposed star of the video is a woman enjoying some “me” time singing in the bath, it’s a suite of brass-finished faucets that steal the show.

At the start of the video, we join the woman mid-bubble bath, and seemingly alone. But it isn’t long before we learn she isn’t alone at all. Keeping the woman company are some familiar friends: the industrial-styled Descanso Tub Filler, matching Descanso sink faucet, and a “showerhead and handshower” shower system. Energized and inspired by her CGI friends, the woman begins to sing a lively tune with the same sense of freedom she’d have if she were singing alone in the car. And, just as Snow White sang with animated woodland creatures, her friends, the faucets, begin to join in, delightfully harmonizing with their human pal.

“Always trying to push the envelope in the industry, we thought it would be a really fun challenge to not just animate the faucets again, but this time also have them interact with a real person,” explains Noah Taft, California Faucets Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

As the creative force behind the video series and former screenwriter/producer for film and TV, Taft once again turns everyday commonplace objects into lively, memorable characters that resonate with viewers.