California Faucets launched its “Who Knew a Drain Could Be So Beautiful” video campaign, with two whimsical videos, to portray the new decorative StyleDrain® Series.

California Faucets innovative and fun videos directly reflect the inspired and beautiful decorative shower drains, which are the only shower drain system of its kind, according to the California Faucets website. The drains are made of brass and feature 30 custom finishes to match any shower, patio, atrium or any other wet floor application. There are no visible screws, so StyleDrain® is easy on the eyes and feet. The designs offered include waves, swirls, lines and more.

“We wanted a fun and memorable way to let people know about StyleDrain®,” says Noah Taft, California Faucets Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, who co-produced the videos with Italian filmmaker Federica Gregotti. “Shower drains have historically been utilitarian and their look has reflected it. But with StyleDrain® they can replace the ugly and humdrum with a gorgeous drain that accents the entire look of the bathroom.”

In one of the two videos, ‘Work of Art’, a man is seen walking away from the Mona Lisa to check out the attraction that drew a huge crowd: the award-winning StyleDrain®. He makes his way to the front to admire the details of the drain and take photos along with the rest of the crowd that was more mesmerized by the StyleDrain® than the Mona Lisa.

In the second video, ‘Beautiful Baby’, a few people are seen admiring what seems to be a baby in a carriage. The crowd hovers around the baby carriage, smiling and complimenting the baby. However, when the mother picks it up, it’s not a baby, but a patterned StyleDrain® that is in the carriage.