Ditch overused gold and silver trends for charming copper hues that will add to your home’s modern, yet cozy atmosphere.

Product: Cast Shoe Copper

Copper’s versatility is why you should incorporate it into your decor this year. The range of shades, from pale soft tones to rich and deep copper allows for designers to work with a material and color that is complex. Silver and gold are classic, but copper is an exciting touch of diversity amongst tradition.

Copper Can Be Functional

The Hex Copper Bowl with a textured look and feel creates an eye-catching item that is unique and functional. The less-than-perfect surface of the bowl is what makes this piece interesting. The dents and bends in the metal create more than one shade of copper, which makes it more interesting than one smooth item.

Copper as a Conversation Starter

The Tom Dixon Cast Shoe Copper is the perfect example of a playful way to bring copper into your decor. A conversation starter such as this would stand out perfectly against a navy blue wall or door. The item is cast iron, copper colored, and designed to be a door stop. This small accent piece could also help tie together other copper aspects in a room, including other shades of copper.

Product: Cast Shoe Copper

Ultra Sleek

The Copper Round Pendant is a perfect contrast to a rough copper bowl. The ultra sleek exterior of the pendant proves that copper is not restricted to a rustic feel. Reflective and chic, the pendant is also a conversation piece that will undoubtedly bring a modern feel to any room. Smooth and rough pieces can work together in the same space. Pairing these items is a creative way to reveal copper’s multiple layers.

Eclectic Addition

If you are interested in using new materials or fresh colors in a room, you don’t have to commit right away. Small items, such as these Eclectic Candle London Large are easily removed or changed if you’re undecided. Candles can also accent and play off of larger copper tones that you may integrate later. Small details are what makes a room feel complete and thoughtfully put together.

Product: Eclectic Candle London Large

Photos courtesy of Tom Dixon. Where to buy: tomdixon.net