The following article originally appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of ERA Real Estate Distinctive Properties Magazine.

Earrings are the essential final touch to an ensemble.

By Kelly Potts

Photo courtesy Neiman Marcus

A high-end pair of earrings can be an instant enhancement to a look, whether it’s a set of dainty, yet charming, studs or a pair of eccentric, trendy drop earrings.

Pamela Huizenga, a fine jewelry designer who began studying the art of stone cutting at the age of 16, refers to
earrings as ‘little bits of artwork that dangle from your ears.’ She notes that luxury earrings feature sophisticated craftsmanship and high-quality materials. “My pieces are one of a kind,” she says, “Every stone is handpicked, every piece created as a wearable piece of art.”

Wearing a piece of art on your ears, however, doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of comfort. Huizenga views earrings as
little chandeliers, but adds that they need to be comfortable. “I use extra large ear nuts and always focus on comfort and the way the earring sits on the ear,” she says.

When it comes to earring designs, Huizenga is all about…