Inspired by its prime location and one-of-a-kind views, this 7,630-square-foot home on Miami Beach’s exclusive Fisher Island merges casual elegance with sophisticated design.

From the elegant, high-end furniture to the neutral color palette, interior designer Sam Robin meticulously crafted this residence at Palazzo Del Sol. We spoke with Robin to learn more about the inspiration behind this home’s unique design.

What are some of your favorite standout elements in this space?

The sweeping views of South Beach and Government Cut are absolutely breathtaking, and inspired me to enclose the elevator foyer into a gallery-like entrance. I wanted an intermediate between the building’s public spaces and the residence, and to create an element of surprise as the view is revealed.

Who do you envision living here? 

I pictured someone who is casually elegant and sophisticated who enjoys the beach and leisure of Fisher Island. The homeowner would more than likely host family and friends, so you’ll see several areas designed to accommodate and entertain groups.

What mood were you hoping to have created in this space?

I stressed comfort, ease-of-care, family and entertaining. The homeowner should feel that they stepped into a space created specifically for them.

Why did you choose this color palette of the home? 

The interior palette is light and neutral with contrasting hardware and details for an elegant yet relaxed aesthetic. I focused on creating a sophisticated space with clean lines that felt equally cozy and inviting. The neutral tones help to achieve that, and also help to maximize the views.

Were you able to bring any natural elements into the home?

In this space, I played on the surrounding environment and nature by incorporating wood in several ways. The walls and floors are covered in bleached white oak. The dining room features leather and cerused wood chairs around a bleached oak table. I also added greenery to the balconies and in corners of several rooms. It’s a subtle technique, but it’s effective in softening and pulling together large spaces.

Photos courtesy of Kris Tamburello

How did the ocean and city views influence your design?

The ocean inspired the overall ease of the home. When I think waterfront, I naturally go for a look that is less buttoned-up. The wraparound balcony and its oceanfront vistas bring natural light into the home, so we opted for a softer glow with lighting throughout.