Striving to bring the unsurpassed beauty of natural materials into people’s homes, Stone Forest lets the natural world dictate its bath designs. Using procedures that involve saw cutting and polishing, each of these sinks are unique in the face of mass-manufactured products. From a 650-pound sink carved from onyx to a pedestal cut from basalt, here is the latest from Stone Forest.

Barrel Pedestal Sink

Stone Forest’s Barrel Sink is more than a sink, it is a functional sculpture. Carved from a single block of sumptuous, semi-translucent onyx, the barrel sink weighs in at 650 pounds, yet because of its translucent nature, when lit from within using an LED rope light — the sink takes on an ethereal quality.

Bronze Chalice

Designed by Santa Fe artist David Hoptman, the Bronze Chalice is created from sand-cast bronze and handcrafted by artisans. Now available in white bronze, the stunning chalice offers more latitude in faucet choices, as the new material is a complement to satin nickel and chrome. Like all other natural elements, it is a living finish, so it will achieve a weathered look with use and exposure to the elements of everyday living.

Purple Onyx Wabi Vessel Sinks

After two years of searching, Stone Forest has once again been able to source small blocks of this semi-precious stone to create its perfectly imperfect naturally shaped vessel sinks. Each vessel is truly unique as each stone is highly variable in terms of color, crystalline structure and veining. Onyx is the perfect material for those looking to add a stunning, natural accent to their space.

Triple Basalt Pedestal

This rustic pedestal is perfect for those seeking an organic contemporary style. Each set of three plinths is cut from a single column of basalt and features a combination of natural and polished facets.

Veneto Pedestal Sink

Inspired by classic Italian design, this striking, barrel-shaped vessel is carved from a single block of multi-color onyx. The sculpture includes a cavity in the back that can accommodate a light source to enhance the luminosity of this architectural form.

Verona Vessel

Stone Forest balances formality with modernity in this traditional design with a contemporary touch. A wide, inviting basin, this unique vessel sink is offered in two varying sizes of either honey, multi-color onyx or the new silver travertine.