Whether it’s made from rattan, leather or wood, a stylish headboard is an essential component within any bedroom.

You may choose to opt for a modern, sleek design or choose a rustic, vintage look. No matter your preferences, CB2 offers a range of custom-designed headboards that will allow you to sleep soundly, comfortably and stylishly.

Ray Marquetry Headboard 


Boasting a visually striking design by Zak Rose, this headboard combines deco-inspired embellishments with clean modern design. The square mindi wood headboard also draws the eye with its unique starburst design.

Dondra Tall Headboard


These upcycled headboards are made from reclaimed teak planks salvaged from homes no longer in use in India. Hand-planed smooth, each plank pattern is unique with variegated tone, active grain, natural knots, splits and markings.

Alchemy Tall Bronze Headboard


This elegant bronze headboard was designed by Barcelona-based Mermelada Estudio, who wanted to dream up a modern interpretation of a vintage bed.

Segment Cane Headboard


In this design, Mermelada Estudio combines the solid language of a simple wood structure with the lightness of perforated mesh to create a fresh take on the traditional. Subtle whitewash stain surfaces the oak’s natural grain and beauty to create a headboard that’s both cozy and modern.

Façade Tall Navy Velvet Headboard


This clean and sophisticated design is created with lustrous cotton velvet and foam-cushioned hardwood.


Photos credit CB2