Because there’s an endless wealth of kitchen, living room and bathroom interior design articles, we’re looking at one of a home’s most forgotten rooms — the dining room. As a gathering room often used, it’s odd that there’s little to no talk when it comes to dining room interior design and how to get it right in a contemporary residence.

And while redecorating a room is a fun challenge to take on, it can be a puzzle figuring out where to start and how to decorate effectively. To help inspire you to make the most of your dining room, Décor Aid is sharing easy-to-manage cues to consider to elevate the space. If your room doesn’t need a major overhaul, these are still tried and true, resourceful practices to take in to easily transform your dining room.


A dining room layout should offer a refreshing surprise — without being too daring. That said, do try your hand at thinking out of the box when it comes to exactly where you place your furnishings and how you can make them stand out objects.


Wood tones can add a polished, warm vibe to a dining room of any size, even for small dining room decorating ideas. You don’t need to worry too much about matching wood tones as subtle nuances between flooring and furnishings allow the eye to travel.

Photo courtesy of Millarc

Blending warm wood tones, the dining area at 15 Jay St — located within the Tribeca West Historic District and designed by the Meshberg Group — also offers a unique, open plan layout.

Photo courtesy of Quada


Easy to source and decorate with, consider different approaches for the items that live on your dining room table and/or console daily and move them around, rotate them, or add new items with little to no effort.

This dining table — located within Harford Manor, a 40-acre estate near Windsor, Berkshire — displays beautiful, elegant tabletop decor


Art can bring a sense of relaxed elegance into a space. Note how a vibrant painting gives the room depth and a sense of drama with just one piece.

Photo courtesy of Quada

Photo courtesy of VDP


The more relaxing and comforting your dining room interior design is, the more you’ll want to entertain in it. Think a small grouping of furnishings that boast plush surfaces, relaxing hues, and what would make you feel at ease in an intimate setting.

This one-of-a-kind dining room — located within the Penthouse at Nine on the Hudson — was designed to bring people closer together with an intimate, less traditional arrangement.


As memories and culinary experiences are deeply linked, do transport your guests to moments from your past. Though we aren’t recommending a completely traditional overhaul, there’s comfort to be found in the familiar, so consider injecting your dining room interior design with elements that hint to the past whether through vintage quirk or a grand gesture.

 Designed by Room Resolutions, this dining room features antique elements — including the traditional chandelier and detailed crown molding. 

Photo by Shay Velich

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