Featuring everything from energy efficient products and innovative technologies, to green building materials and non-toxic furniture and accessories, this home was designed with healthy living in mind.

Setting a new precedent for green and healthful living, Healthy Home 2017 will be the very first home in the nation built under the newly revised American Lung Association Health House™ guidelines. Consistently on the forefront of providing healthier indoor living environments, Dior Builders is working on the next home in its series of real-life, interactive and educational models for cleaner, greener, safer living.

Founded in 1993 to address the growing national concern about the quality of air in homes, The American Lung Association introduced the Health House™ Program to help homeowners and homebuilders learn how to make homes healthier. The revised Health House™ guidelines will bring further awareness to indoor air pollutants besides radon, the leading cause of death in private homes, along with mold and moisture control concerns and will address toxic chemicals and combustion sources such as boilers, furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, and smoking, all of which will be instituted in the construction of Healthy Home 2017.

“Exposure to indoor air pollutants — smoke, radon, dust, mold and other pollutants — can pose serious health risks and can contribute to respiratory disease, asthma and even lung cancer,” says Harold Wimmer, president and CEO of the American Lung Association. “By following the American Lung Association’s Health House™ guidance, Dior Builders has significantly reduced, possibly eliminated, many causes of indoor air pollution in Healthy Home 2017.”

A classic-style luxury residence in Barrington, Illinois, Healthy Home 2017 uses state-of-the-art materials and methods to create a healthy living environment with superior indoor air quality and protection from environmental pollutants. All materials, furnishings, and products under consideration by the building and design team for inclusion in the home will be approved only after meeting a rigorous set of criteria set forth by the Healthy Home Initiative Interiors Advisory Board (IAB) that assures sustainable, healthier standards.

“We are going beyond the notion of what is sustainable and perceived to be healthy and creating a real-life model of what a truly healthy home should be, from foundation to food,” said Victoria Di Iorio, founder of the Healthy Home Initiative.

Healthy Home 2017 also features FOREVERBOARD as a healthy alternative to drywall. Besides being extremely durable, FOREVERBOARD is environmentally friendly and leaves no carbon footprint. Other highlights of the home include American Rockwool Insulation, a hard wired smart system designed to avoid electromagnetic radiation, energy efficient HVAC system equipped with IQAir Perfect 16 Whole House HEPA filtration, Gaggenau appliances, TOTO WaterSense toilets, lead-free plumbing, GREENGUARD Gold certified cabinets and countertops, natural and organic bedding, and non-toxic furniture.

Illustrating what is possible when building with both aesthetics and one’s health in mind, Healthy Home 2017 will open to the public in October, and will be available for tours Oct. 14 through Oct. 29.