Does your princess dream of resting her head on an air balloon? Does your prince dream of sleeping in his very own car-spired suite?

Circu proves these dreams are possible with luxurious designs fit for young kings and queens.

By Hannah Fakhrzadeh

Fantasy Air Balloon

This limited edition bed is easily customizable for any gender. The balloon is a bed and sofa combo, and can be converted from a luxury baby nest to a teen’s sofa as your child grows. The bed’s bottom is made using a traditional basketry technique; the top portion is constructed from wood with white lacquered gloss finishes. Synthetic fur upholstery trimmed in wood with gold leaf details add a sophisticated touch. The strings are handmade and the metal parts are finished in a gold bath. The bed features a light and sound system controlled by a mobile app called I-light. Offered at €28,900 or about $32,040.

Bun Van

Sure to turn heads every time it is seen, this limited edition children’s bed is inspired by the legendary Volkswagen Van. The exterior is made from fiberglass with chrome-plated finishes, and the interior is made from palisander wood veneer. The luxurious design includes several storage compartments, a bed, television, secretary, mini bar and sofa. Offered at €39,000 or about $43,240.

Rocky Rocket Armchair

This entirely handmade armchair is inspired by two eras: both parents and kids will see inspiration from the movies Tintin and Toy Story. The body of the rocket is fiberglass, and the interior is made of red velvet upholstery. The engines of the rocket are also made from fiberglass with a new velvet flocking technique used on the inside. The staircase is made from wood and gold leaf, and features a small, secret safe. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that all of the finishes are made from non-toxic paints and varnishes. This high-tech bed features a light and sound system; both are controlled by the I-light mobile app. Through the app, you have the choice of music, light effects and sleep time. Offered at €28,610 or about $31,720.

Little Mermaid Bed

This lavish Little Mermaid bed fit for any sea princess is designed in the shape of a shell. The shell is designed to protect little pearls from the unknown around them; this bed will protect your precious pearl like it does in the sea. The Little Mermaid bed is made from fiberglass and painted in a nacre paint, which resembles shiny and slippery stones underneath the bed. This design also features lighting inside. Offered at €14,610 or about $16,200.

Photos courtesy Circu